Synopsis: A ragtag group of magicians are summoned by an ancient and exclusive magician league, and find themselves on a law breaking journey to pull off the biggest illusion ever.

Now You See Me

Thoughts: Jesse Eisenberg is not sexy in any way shape or form. For whatever reason Dave Franco was irritating on the big screen. How entertaining is this little number?!

Reasoning: Eisenberg -The studio should stop making poor attempts of flat ironing his hair, and wardrobing him suites in a failed attempt to make a sexy male lead. No one is blind. He’s not sexy.

Can’t quite explain the anti-Franco feelings, but we’ll work on this and get back to you.

All ‘n’ all, the film was great! There were plenty of plot twist to keep everyone on theirs toes without a clear sight line of who the villain or hero is in this film. That’s part of the fun, as soon as you think you’ve figured everything out like your standard CSI episode… Boom! Plot twist. Now you’ve gotta thread a whole new theory on why so-n-so is the villain.

This film is a 2.0 version of The Prestige and The Illusionist! Everything is bigger, and better but.. a different kind of better though.

Theatre Reaction: We were into it.

Conclusion: Buy The Ticket