Synopsis: A run-a-way awaits his estranged love as he inlist two young boys to help him make is next move.


Thoughts: Reese Witherspoon always delivers a solid performance; however, it would’ve been nice….Truly enjoyingMatthew McConaughey these last few years. Tye Sheridan – what talent, damn! The tension that’s built up by the end of the film is great.

Reasoning:  Reese-Reese-Reese we love you, because you’re a humble actress who is willing to take small roles in films that you’re passionate about. On the contrary, it would’ve been so amazing to see a no-named talented actress – Just saying.

Matthew has done a wonderful job of restoring his career with films that possess the fine storyline quality of Mud. Loved the vulnerable yet hints of desperation he portrayed as the title character. That’s not something we get from the Texan who normally portrays a swaggerific lady’s man.

Tye is really something. Judging by the performance he gave in the film… we’re going to put it this simply… he’s definitely going to be the next somebody.

The old west style shoot-out at the end of the film, truly pays off for an audience who’s watched the story slowly evolve in a true indie-fashion.

Conclusion: Buy The Ticket