Synopsis: A young man who owns a vintage mannequin repair shop, struggles as he battles with his awkward social skills, and memories from his troubled childhood all the while attempting to win over his crush.


Thoughts: Loving all of these POV shots – the creative team was on their game. Dig the geographical setting. Elijah Wood’s crazy eyeballs made it so he was born to play this role. Solid supporting cast. 

Reasoning: Wow, how interesting, it’s not often the a film grabs my attention purely based on creative direction from the 1st frame. I loved the dark gritty low light executed with an entire film shot with POV shots minus… 2-5 minutes of film. And those 2-5 minutes were not consecutive. Although, this isn’t the first film to utilize the POV style of cinematography, this film still does in its own fashion.

I appreciate the film being shot in the chic yet urban concrete area of downtown LA. Not too many films expose these particular areas of SoCal, I can’t be the only one bored of overused b-roll of Hollywood and the Santa Monica Pier.

Not that ol’ crazy eyeballs doesn’t have some acting chops, but I must say him being born with those electric blue eyes definitely feels as if Elijah Wood and this role is kismet. 

The genuine sincerity the Nora Arnezeder brings to “Anna” is heartbreaking. Arnezeder carefully balances her character’s benign suspicion with her compassionate heart. Megan Duffy does a wonderful job playing a naughty little minx, sounds silly, but that was her character and she nailed it. 

Conclusion: Buy the Ticket!