Synopsis: Up tight FBI agent, Sarah Ashburn, is sent to Boston on a less than desirable case, where she is forced to work with local police officer, Shannon Mullins, despite both law officials hating to work with partners.

The Heat

Thoughts: Hilarious touching film, and no corny moments.

Reasoning: First off, Sandra Bullock (Sarah Ashburn) and Melissa McCarthy (Shannon Mullins) couldn’t have one more ounce of comedic chemistry. They nailed every punchline even on untouchable subjects (they made fun of albinos), and made lol-moments out of non-intetional punchlines.

The Heat definitely has heart too. Shannon Mullins is a brash and misunderstood Bostonian cop, who was black listed by her own family when she arrested her drug addict brother (Michael Rapaport) to save him from….. himself.  McCarthy, clearly plays her character’s pain from being estranged from her family. Sarah Ashburn is a sex and friend deprived woman, who lacks acceptable social skills in any situation.

Lastly, The Heat also executes a non-corny and cliche bond between lead characters Sarah Ashburn and Shannon Mullins – perfect.

Conclusion: Buy The Ticket!

If you’re broke, don’t let that be an excuse. Borrow money, shamelessly bust out a collection hat or play a Dave Matthew’s Band song on your guitar and stand outside the local movieplex until you’ve collected enough money in your guitar case to BUY THE TICKET.

Once you’ve seen this flick after following the “Conclusion” instruction, please be judgey with us and leave a comment. What did you think?