Wonder Woman

Long story what the hell, we completely disagree with Megan Fox even being considered to be cast for Wonder Woman. That being said, we’ve fond other woman that could, and should easily give her a run for the money.



Honestly, for the most part none of these woman are even close to the height this amazonian woman needs to be, but whatcha gonna do? At least they aren’t the same ol’ chicks Hollywood is always shoving in our faces.

Veronica Taylor


Taylor is far from being a household name, but she has the looks and previous work experience e.g. Mad Men. We say give the girl a screen test.

Ashley Greene


Greene is best know for the Twilight franchise where she got to do a few action sequences, but she’s been making moves with Butter and the upcoming CBGB. With action sequence experience from Twilight, and valiant efforts to be seen outside of her Twilight, Green is a prime candidate.

Gemma Arterton


Arterton has recently made a mainstream splash with Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, where she showed audiences that she’s perfectly capable of kicking butt. Even if they don’t give her a shot, it doesn’t matter because this chick is definitely on her way.

Sarah Shahi


Shahi has a huge cult fan following from the hit series The L Word. Lesbians would pop out of the woodworks for this chicks, and it’s obvious that men would too… or really anyone with eyeballs. She has a solid TV career, and would probably do a bang up job on the silver screen.

Jessica Biel


Oh Jessica… It’s definitely been a long and hard road this beauty. After many failed attempts Mrs. Timberlake has yet to launch her career into Hollywood stardom, which is a shame because she’s probably the only household name on this list. Mrs. Timberlake has experience with action sequences from Total Recall, even though no one saw it. That’s okay though, because this empending franchise could very well be her shot to revamp her career.

They’re all beautfiul, the majority of them have some sort of action sequence experience, and they can all handle a little bit of extra weight since Wonder Woman is vuloupus. At least give them a chance to screen test before we throw the part to Megan Fox’s non-acting ass.

imageJust look at this! Okay, so the looks cool, but she’s a terrible actress that can deliver a demanding character driven performance that the amazonian hero deserves.

Don’t be fooled by the photoshop!




What do you guys think?