Alright, we know that Hollywood is failing to producer original ideas and the industry is going to implode at some point or another. As result, the entire industry is going to have to charge $25 dollars a ticket, keep movies in the theaters longer, or truly bgin producing films with smaller budget so they don’t wind up with more John Carter’s.

We got it. Doesn’t mean we can’t wish for certain films to be re-made with unique spins on them while maintaining the quintessential plot points e.g. Man of Steel.

We’re nominating a reboot of the Back to the Future franchise. If the studio, which ever one it might be, gets things together quick enough it can release the film by 2015 – the franchise’s 25th anniversary!

Here’s our suggestions for Marty – we’re looking for charisma and comedic timing:


Logan Lerman has defintiely gained more popularity and mainstream recognition with his recent films The Perks of Being a Wallflower andPercy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. He’s got the youthful fresh face look that could help the studio stretch out the franchise reboot if they see fit.



Jaden Smith, despite his poor box office performance with his dad, it’s obvious that this young Smith can carry a move all by his underage cute self e.g. The Karate Kid. He could definitely bring girls in droves to the theater, and dudes wouldn’t mind because they would want to hang with him.


Dylan O’Brien is best known for being the comedic relief in Teen Wolf, has most recently been some what seen inThe Internship and will definitely be seen in the upcoming film The Maze Runner. He’s got the boyish good looks, and the comedic time. Throw life vest on this baby and the rest is history.



Beau Mirchoff yes he’s another MTV dude, but we promise that’s a coincidence. Pinky promise. Also, yes he looks more like a Biff than a Marty, but we don’t care because we 100% positive this dude deliver “This is heavy Doc” perfectly.



Here’s our suggestions for Doc –  we’re looking for someone who can bring the cray-cray:


Steve Martin if you don’t think this guy has what it takes, just watch his old Saturday Night Live clips. Plus, he’s already got the white hair.






John Malkovich, nuff said.









imageNicolas Cage this guy. He used to have career that people actually took seriously, but those days of yesteryear are long gone. Now crazy ol’ cage is recovering from horrific box office wrecks e.g. Bangkok Dangerous as he sprints towards box office hits e.g. Kick-Ass. We would like to support him on this hard sprint, and reward him with a screen test for the role.


imageChristopher Walken with reckless abondment this man will deliver a performance that is as unique as his voice.






We don’t know how their going to translate some of dialogue and scenes for a 2015 audience. I guess Marty could still invent a skateboard? We haven’t worked those type of details out but we know there’s a genius, most likely undiscovered, in Hollywood waiting to resolve these plot holes. Either way, it’s obvious that Doc should say “Great scott,” Marty  should drive a Delorean, and of course we have to keep the life vest.

What would be nice to see is answer as to how Marty and Doc know one another. I mean really, how the h-e-double-hockey-sticks does the old man know this young dude?