Every since the character appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fan boys and girls have been waiting on Dealpool franchise starring Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, the film has been in development hell, if one can even give it that status because it doesn’t look like Hollywood is really paying it any attention.

Perhaps Hollywood has lost faith in Reynolds’ ability to carry a franchise after his epic fail in thing they called Green Lantern. Whatever.

In a recent interview with Total Film’s print magazine, Reynolds has recently stated:

“That movie is alive and kicking, and then it’s dead as a doornail. Then it’s alive and kicking and then it’s dead… It’s like the worst relationship I’ve ever had! The character knows he’s a comic-book character, he knows he’s in a film, he knows who the executives are at the studio making the movie. In the current iteration of the script, Deadpool is aware of The Wolverine movie. He doesn’t say anything disparaging about it but he does at one point play with the Deadpool action figure with some curiosity.”

We’ll just see now won’t we?