Alright, so we’ve recently commented on the rumors of Vin Diesel possibly being Black Panther. After that we figured that we were done on speaking about race/ethnicity in regards to casting, but the uproar over Michael B. Jordan is getting pretty loud and it’s hard to ignore. 

Our two cents on this matter is the following: Jordan can play a young, fit, playboy who happens to be able to ignite into flames aka Human Torch.The superhero character is not based on a specific ethnic background. Unfortunately, this notion doesn’t seem to strike other fellow movie and comic book enthusiast.

Here’s 5 ridiculous racist responses  to Jordan playing the Human Torch:

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#5 image

Again, we’re not saying let’s just mix up roles just for the sake of it. Really though, who cares that “It’s 2013”? That phrase does not pardon everything for people to take creative license with everything knocking the world off it’s axis. We might end up with