Synopsis: When Earth is under attack by Aliens merging from the depths of the deep sea, skyscraper size robots piloted by two humans connected neurologically.

pacific-rimThoughts: Let there be a sequel!

Reasoning: Alright-alright, so everyone is more than tired of Hollywood making unworthy sequels or rebooting former franchises of yesteryear. BUT we at Popcorn And Velvet Seats really enjoyed every frame of this film. Director Guillermo del Toro executed some amazing shots and actions sequence, when the brave Jaeggers and the evil Kaiju fight. 

del Toro and the CSA did a bang up job of casting this film. Idris Elba, playing Stacker Pentecost, delivered a commanding performance as the leader of an international renegade Jaegger army. The flip side to Elba’s commanding performance is the vulnerability of his character where Stacker Pentecost is concerned about his daughter piloting a Jaegger.

It’s wonderful to see Charlie Hunnam, playing Raleigh Becket, Hunnam deserves all of the leading man roles he gets. Case closed.

Charlie Dayplaying Dr. Newton Geiszler, is HIlarious! It’s just that simple.

As a side note, it’s nice to see an alien race that didn’t helm from a galaxy far or close away, but from the sea.  It was just a ncie touch.

Theater Reaction: Loved it.

Conclusion: Buy the Ticket