Synopsis: A stressed young man struggles to live a straight ‘n’ narrow life to support his family, in attempt to blow off some steam, he goes to the city to celebrate the new year and has a fatal bout with the police.

Thoughts: Beautifully written storyline. Sweet and subtle character work. Like a baby.

Reasoning: Screenplay writer and director Ryan Coogler did a wonderful job appealing to the audience’s sympathetic nature with two scenes at the beginning of the film. One scene is with Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan), and a character that had no lines, a dog. Grant‘s (Jordan) kind heart is shown when he’s rendered to tears immediately after befriending the dog who’s killed by a hit ‘n’ run car. The other scene is between Oscar (Jordan) and his mother Wanda (Octavia Spencer), during Wanda‘s visit with Oscar while he’s incarcerated. The scene starts off heart breaking and by the end, the audience is pining for Oscar and Wanda’s relationship to be repaired. These two scenes are the DNA that makes up award season.

There’s something beautiful about a subtle performance. Perhaps, one of the subtlest performances in the film is during a shower scene between Sophina (Melonie Diaz) and her daughter Tatiana (Ariana Neal) after Oscar has been pronounced dead. There’s no dialogue in the scene either, but what can be said during a time like that?

Watching the remaining 24 hours of this young man’s life at first feels moderate, the movie takes its time as the audience gets a glimpse into his day-to-day life. By the time the climax of the film is reached, the audience is in love with Oscar and we’re all crying our eyeballs out – like a baby.

Conclusion: Buy The Ticket