mtvWhat can we say… I want my MTV! This new generation doesn’t know the glory of MTV circa 90-2002!



At the risk of looking completely pervy, we had to throw this on the list. This show was fun and raunchy. Plus, it was the fuel for raging hormones for tweens before the days of everyone and their grandma himageaving internet access.
Here’s a some celebs that appeared on the show before “making it” in Hollywood.

Do you recognize any? If you’re feeling as nostalgic as we are, go ahead and visit this youtube channel.

Singled Out 


The fun of dating shows is definitely from the days of yesteryear, but we think it should be brought back via MTV programming. Young people of the new milinnium should be able to discover love on international television just as much as the young people of the 90’s. Okay-Okay, the attempted to do so with both Take Me Out and The Choice, and they pretty bad (we still liked them though) but we nominate MTV to do it right by brining back this classic.

Spyder Games


We don’t know about you guys, but we’re over this Teen Mom baloney and we say bring back this good ol’ corny soap. We know there’s a modern vision of this show that could work with cast of undiscovered nobodies. That way we can look back on the show one day, and laugh as Jimmy Fallon rolls footage of now OSCAR nominated so ‘n’ so on their MTV soap days.