doppelgangerWhat does  Daniel CraigAmanda Seyfried,  Andrew Garfield,  Chris Noth aka Mr. Big, Kristen Stewart and Tom Hardy  have in common? That’s right, you guessed it. They all have a legit dobbpleganger.


Steve McQueen l Daniel Craig

imageSteve McQueen and Daniel Craig, the photoset says everything doesn’t it?

Gemma Ward  l Amanda Seyfried

imageGemma Ward  and Amanda Seyfried, we’re just wondering who’s more cray-cray.

Anthony Perkins l Andrew Garfield


Anthony Perkins and Andrew Garfield, these two are at least long lost bros.

Victor Mature l Chris Noth


Victor Mature and Chris Noth, straight up, Mature looks like Mr. Big’s daddy.


Teresa Palmer l Kristen Stewart


Teresa Palmer and Kristen Stewart, we want them a flick where there’s an excessive amount of T & A just for T & A’s sake.


Tom Hardy l Logan Marshall-Greenimage

Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green, maybe they could do some sort of family mafia movie? Look, whatever, we just to exploit how similar they look on the same big screen.