The sequel toIndependence DayID Forever Part I, is currently working on beefing up with the appropriate stars. It’s not a secret that the franchise’s director, Roland Emmerich, publicly besmirched Will Smith for… well read here if you don’t know.

Now it appears that rumor mill is throwing future A – list mega star Michael B. Jordan to be attached to the film. This isn’t rumor isn’t even full blown though, because Smith seems to be widely circling the film again despite his dispute with Emmerich:

We reported last month that Will Smith is back in talks to return as Steven Hiller, although the actor’s reps revealed that he is not officially involved at this time. If Will Smith does sign on, he could be paired with Michael B. Jordan, or he may pass the torch to the younger actor to take over the franchise, although neither scenario has been confirmed. – movieweb

To be honest, either way sounds good to us.