Alright, this news has been out for a while, but we’ve finally pulled ourselves together over here to pin a post.

Look let me tell you something, finding out that Hollywood plans on kicking out a sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life was… depressing.

“The follow-up, entitled It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story, follows the unlikeable grandson of James Stewart’s George Bailey. Karolyn Grimes, who played George Bailey’s daughter Zuzu in the original, will play an angel who shows the grandson, also named George Bailey, how life would be better if he had never been born. Karolyn Grimes delivered the famous line “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings” in It’s a Wonderful Life, which followed George Bailey’s near-suicide attempt on Christmas Eve, before his guardian angel intervened.“ – movieweb

Sorry. No dice. Normally we’re all for rebooting franchise with a modern clever take, and solid casting choice. Obviously, we have a Fantasy Casting page on our site. BUT this is just too damn far.

What say you guys?