Synopsis: As a result of wedding drama,15 years pass before a group of college best friends reunite. However, after one of the friends persistently insist they get together over the holiday, their friendship is repaired but not before more drama and laughs.

Thoughts:  What a scene stealer this guy is. You’re going to cry. Wow – what a tight knit sequel.

Reasoning: Terrence Howard hasn’t had the strongest relationship with Hollywood and the press lately, but Howard has definitely done a bang up job with reprising his role as Quentin. Although, we do wish Writer-Director, Malcolm D. Lee, had written a few more zingers for his character. Especially since Howard is so good at playing “that guy”. 

imageThis film is definitely a feel a good movie, but it does take a dark turn. One of those, “this is real life” type of dark turns. Once you’ve laughed over the call backs (see the first film), you’ll find yourself completely wrapped up in how the characters will move forward from haunting mistakes made in the first film, and more importantly, how they will deal with the biggest challenge any of them every thought they would have to face together. You’re going to cry.

Again, wow, what a tight knit sequel. Lee definitely answered some questions, and left a beautiful teaser in the final scene that will definitely  make you ready for more. The follow up to the sequel is already green lit  – can’t wait!

Conclusion: Buy the ticket. If you haven’t seen the first film, rent/redbox/hulu/etc it.