Synopsis: A college freshmen finds himself involved with an upper classman, and his friends while living the life of drugs, sex and poetry; until it’s interrupted with a murder.

Thoughts: Loved the soundtrack. Thank goodness for a wonderful performance by D-Rad aka Daniel Radcliffe. Eh, it’s a stacked cast with slightly underdeveloped supporting characters.

Reasoning: This movie has a fun soundtrack that really makes you want the music of days long gone, and it even makes you listen with new ears to the more familiar modern tracks.

Daniel Radcliffe was so captivating on screen playing a young teen torn between being the son his mother needs, a young gay male and a revolutionary poet at a conservative school. D-Rad was able to play a character with a complete arc, unlike the other characters in the film who were forced to take a back seat.

Yes, the film is leading up to a murder but as a viewer, it would be nice to see a better rounded supporting characters. Especially, when the supporting cast consist of Jack Huston and Ben Foster. One or two more scenes that allowed the audience to peer into their beatnik minds would have been great. We only say one or two because the film should maintain some of its feeling of mystery and discovery, because the characters in the film weren’t 100% consistent with any events occurring in their lives themselves. Either way it’s worth it so…

Conclusion: Buy the ticket.