Synopsis: Two unlikely companions, a down on his luck journalist and elderly woman, embark on a journey to find the elderly woman’s long lost son.

Thoughts: Amazing writing and casting. Makes one reflect.

Reasoning: We at Popcorn and Velvet Seats definitely tip our hats off to Writer-Producer-Talent  Steve Coogan for doing a wonderful job on the film. The story of Philomena got all of the truth, harsh reality, and tenderness it deserved. These elements could only yield from a strong script, and a solid producer to back the script.

Of course, nothing brings a script to life like solid casting. Judi Dench, spoiled the audience with her magnificent performance as Philomena. Dench played an elderly woman who’s still a bit ignorant to the harsh reality of her Catholic church, that she religiously stands by even when the church doesn’t stand by her.

As if the audience wasn’t spoiled enough, Dench is paired with Coogan’s strong performance as a journalist who must ask the follow up questions, because the first answer is always deemed unacceptable.

As Coogan’s character, Martin Sixsmith, continues to ask follow up questions more details are revealed about the process that caused Philomena to lose her son.

These moments makes one reflect regarding where they stand on the issue.

If one finds themselves standing on Sixsmith’s side, then you will most likely have grown in some manner before the credits roll.

If one finds themselves standing on Philomena’s side, then you will most likely have found closer before the credits roll.

Either way, as an audience member you will definitely go on a great journey with this odd couple!

Conclusion: Buy The Ticket