Synopsis: An estranged family, the Westons, face their issues when one of them commits suicide and they are forced reunite for a funeral.

Thoughts: What panties? So she can act? Margo Martindale could take Meryl Streep.

Reasoning: What panties? This film is a panty dropper for the OSCARs! Between the Weinstein Company, the adapted screenplay and of course Meryl Streep, it’s kinda hard to believe any other film will stand a chance.

So she can act? Look, we’ve never been on that Julia Roberts bandwagon with the rest of Hollywood. Yeah-yeah Pretty Womanand Notting Hill were cute, but she’s definitely gotten away with mediocre performances just because she’s got some nice teeth (a nice smile). In this film we get to see Roberts in rare form – a good acting performance. Her performance was everything it needed to be, it had levels: tears, texture, pregnant pauses, laughter etc. It was complete.

Margo Martindale could take Meryl Streep. Look, we know that Streep has a sacred relationship with OSCAR, but we couldn’t help but to wonder how Martindale would’ve done in Streeps role.

After wondering for .00001 seconds, we came to the conclusion that this film could truly exist equally as outstanding (if not better), with Martindale playing the neglecting-addict-crotchty-old-ass-mom bit that Streep got to play. 

You know we’re right. Don’t fight it.

Conclusion: Buy the ticket.