Alright, here’s the genius of fantasy casting Indiana Jones!








imageTaylor Kitsch is a totally underrated actor in Hollywood. Here’s why we think Taylor would be awesome – he’s young, ruggedly handsome, and is a familiar face but not an over used face to theater audiences. Taylor does look too young to be a seasoned professor at some prestigious university, but let’s practice suspension of disbelief. He could pull off the young prestigious scholar who graduated early after taking an excessive amount of classes per semester, and is in the early years of his great academic legacy.



Liam Hemimagesworth is definitely the youngest on the list, perhaps too young because he doesn’t look old enough to be the professor of any student body at any university. That’s okay though. The re-launch could be that young Indie is apart of a prestigious study aboard program that’s only offered to a handful of under-grad students world wide, where they visit a culture of their choice. Naturally, young Indie visits the ancient Mayan ruins for his research paper, where he meets a wise cracking kid with an adorable accent to boot, and of course some hot local chick. Beside if nothing else, this dude could totally rock a tweed jacket.



imageArmie Hammer… we know… we know. We’ve already put “John Carter” on this list, and now we’re putting The Lone Ranger in the mix. To defend ourselves, a large portion of critics have taken back their harsh words about both films, and decided that they were actually fairly reasonable with no fault credited to the actors. Armie is great because we know he can play the academic type from his previous work in The Social Network. If they re-launch the franchise, they can definitely have it be in the early years of Dr. Jones’ academic career, as he’s establishing himself as an active scholar in the world of ancient civilization. He could be in the master’s program where his travels for research lands him on an amazing adventure.


Honorable Mentions:


Peter Facinelli & Charlie Hunnam 



Garrett Hedlund & James Marsden

Of course you don’t have go with who what we’re thinking, you could go with who Hollywood is already talking about – Bradley Cooper.

What do you think? Judge with me.