Harsh title, we know, doesn’t make it not true though. This adorable Hollywood couple can walk down the aisle, and even make another (most likely adorable) human being together. Unfortunately, their adorableness does not translate into ticket sales at the box office.


  1. Take Me Home Tonight
  2. Movie 43
  3. What’s Your Number?

Point: All three films bombed in the box office.

We can’t quite tell who to place the blame on? The script sucked. The directors sucked. The producer’s should’ve known better. Pratt and Farris should’ve turned all three films down. Everyone involved plus the adorable couple were guilty for participating these films.

But perhaps the adorable couple is turning over a new leaf:

“ This real-life husband and wife will bring their charming chemistry to the big screen with 20th Century Fox’s upcoming comedy Vacation Friends.

The Wrap reports the pair are attached to front the funny feature. Vacation Friendsfollows the story of a mild-mannered couple whose Mexican vacation gets some additional flavor thanks to the antics of another fun-loving couple. But when the trip is over, these kooky new friends don’t the want the party to end, and become a real problem. As you might have guess, Pratt and Faris are lined up to play the fun couple. There’s no word yet on who might co-star. Production is expected to begin when their respective shows, Parks and Recreation and Mom are on hiatus next. ” – cinemablend

Either way we’re curious, for whatever reason, and we’re probably going to check it out despite their terrible track record.