The Hollywood Reporter claims that the rapper-actor-Vitamin Water pitchman has landed a part in Spy. You may not recognize this movie by the title – it’s what we’re now calling the Melissa McCarthy vehicle that originally went by the name Susan Cooper. An improvement, even as it swaps out one type of generic for another, but whatever. While no plot details have been shared regarding his role, apparently Jackson will be playing himself. Presumably this will be in a comedic aspect: the easy joke involving tough celebrities used to be that in secret, they were really wimps and cowards. Hopefully that’s not the case here, and the production finds something to do with Jackson’s peculiar brand of charisma.

The film’s already got a pretty loaded cast, one that makes the project seem like a comedy, but what with a slightly serious angle; it won’t be spoofy, in other words. McCarthy plays a CIA analyst entering the field for the first time, and it seems like a two-hander with her Bridesmaids co-star Rose Byrne. But also in the cast are two more marquee leading men as spies, Jude Law and Jason Statham. Bobby Cannavale and Nia Long also round out the cast, a colorful collection of names that complicates exactly what we’re expecting to see from this film. The Heat director Paul Feig is filming is own script for the story, making this his third straight collaboration with McCarthy.” – cinemablend