Hollywood, fan boys and fan girls have been gossiping about Marvel’s Phase Two for quite some time, one of the most anticipated films is  Black PantherBlack Panther is in the extremely early stages of development. Initially, Morris Chestnut was strongly rumored to be talks to star, but since then several other names have been thrown in the fire.


vin-dieselIncluding Vin Diseal, which we don’t like… at all. Don’t judge us, we have or reasons.







Most recently it’s been Chadwick Bozeman; however, nothing is locked into place.chadwick-boseman As a result, we’re going to give out two cents – naturally.


Morris Chestnut


Morris… Morris… Morris. How in the hell did he let this sweet-sweet franchise escape his finger tips?! Chestnut has paid his dues, all the way back to 1991’s Boyz n the Hood! Since then he’s gone on to do other cool and notable projects from: Nurse Jackie, to American Horror Story, to ABC’s  short lived but very cool series V, and many more. We just don’t understand why this isn’t signed, sealed and delivered for Morris. He should be training at Equinox, and taking meetings with the director and producer about the latest draft of the damn script! Not duking it out with other dudes.

Speaking of other dudes….

Dayo Okeniyi


He’s obviously going to skew the target demographic younger, as he is the youngest out of the our [Fantasy Casting] line up. Okeniyi has recently been featured in The Spectacular Now, and The Hunger Games but will be seen in the highly anticipated Terminator: Genesis. This dude is young, in shape, and has action flick experience. Plus he’s got chops, so if they’re looking to do one those character driven The Dark Knight style origin stories, we know beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt he will deliver.


Tyrese Gibson


Gibson is a familiar face (but not over used) in two franchise with huge cult followings, Transformers and The Fast and the Furious, so he’s already got that working for him. Plus, he keeps himself in pristine shape that will be more than necessary for whom ever plays the role of Black Panther.


David Oyelowo


He pretty much arrived on the scene in the epic disappointment known as Red Tails, but that’s okay because he busted on the scene in Lee Daniels’ The Butler delivering a powerful performance. With a ridiculous amount of projects in various stages of production, we honestly don’t know when this dude is gonna have the time to be in a franchise. Doesn’t matter though, because we want him. Plus who isn’t estatic to seem him Christopher Nolan‘s interstellar?! A crazy person, that’s who!


What say you guys? Judge with me.