Alright, we got it, late night is a straight up boys club. How does that cliche go? Oh yeah… “It’s 2014!” We say let some chicks in on this late night format people. Geesh!

Long blog post awesome, here’s our list of chicks that we know would kill in late night:


Rebel Wilson


It’s clear as day that her TV show, Super Fun Night, is tanking but that doesn’t matter because we know this girl can do a bang up job cracking audiences up. The proof is in her break-out role as “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect, and when she hosted 2013 MTV Movie Awards. In fact, we missed her this year with Conan O’Brien‘s lame ass hosting for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.


Amy Poehler & Tina Fey


Obviously we’re dreaming, but couldn’t they at least put on an annual variety special jam packed with celeb cameos?!






Kat Dennings

imageHollywood hasn’t been giving this chick her props since day one, and we still don’t think she’s up on a high enough pedestal with her 2 Broke Girls and co-star bit in the Thor franchise. Give this girl a talk show damn it!




Anna Kendrick


 Has legit comedic chops as we’ve seen in Pitch Perfect, and most recently hosting SNL. She’s cute. She’s Smart. She can nail sketch with the best of ’em






What say you guys? Judge with me.