Look, we’re not going to go into a debate over this whole black Lex Luther vs. white Lex Luther.

That being said, we’re still confused as to exactly why Jesse Eisenberg is even set to play the iconic villain? Yes, he does a bang up job playing the socially inept intellectual type, we get that, but there is a certain je ne sais quoin aka swag to Lex Luther that Eisenberg doesn’t posses. White Lex or black Lex. We want white Lex to be a amazing, menacing, and sexy villain – not an awkwardly geek villain. We’d say the closest Eisenberg has ever come to anything in the realm of clever and sexy is in Now You See Me, but we’re also looking for someone that can pull off menacing and sexy. The point is anyone is better than Eisenberg, but we don’t want just anyone… we want the right one.




Boris Kodjoe


Kodjoe  has been around for a very long time, and this oh so handsome man deserves a crack at the heavy weight title, in this case at a major franchise. Despite his short lived spy-action Undercovers series produced by J.J. Abrams being a major flop, we figured if he’s good enough for J.J. he’s good enough for us.




Idris Elba


Elba is old enough to play a well established villain, and obviously has the fan following to bring men and women to theaters in droves. Look we really don’t have to justify Idris as black Lex because we know he’s going to be awesome. We also know he would be awesome as Bishop from X-Men, but we’re pretty sure that ship has sailed.



Columbus Short


Despite Short recently making headlines for his Shia Lebouf style brawl, this man has some serious chops, and we’re not talking about his famous gladiator speech on Scandal. We’re talking about this man’s amazing performance in Cadillac Records, the film itself is really just so-so despite Jeffrey Wright being in it. So, if you have the time to watch the film for his performance please do. PLUS, the man can wear a suit, he’s got excellent diction, and he’s good at playing the intellectual type. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to throw in some menacing. Our biggest shallow bone to pick with him is the lame fact that this dude is… short!


Terrence Howard


We honestly don’t know if anyone with in recent years has had a positive working experience with this guy. Unfortunately for him, he has not been able to get away with his diva-like-ways like other leading men in Hollywood e.g. Christian Bale. Too bad, so sad. Despite him being a massive jerk, he is so talented, it’s unreal. No one can play a villain like this man. No one. He’s going to hold his own against the Dark Knight and Superman with no problem. Possibly because he’s a real life villain? 




We know he is quite the unorthodox choice, but if they’ve got Eisenberg as Lex we can definitely throw in this random dude in too. Look, we definitely don’t come from the school of philosophy that says let any athlete or music artist take a crack at the fine craft of acting. However, we can’t deny that this man has proven himself in various works e.g. Takers, Starz’s critically acclaimed show Boss, and recently in Showtime’s House of Lies. The only requirement T.I. needs to meet is dropping that thick Southern accent. If he can’t drop it, he can play Lex.


What say you? Judge with me.