Everyone in Hollywood is trying to get their foot in the A-List door, and for most it’s hard to keep one’s foot in the door. After all, one box office hit is not enough keep celebs on the red carpet. Just ask Justin Guarini from Remember that?


Alright – so we’re being a bit dramatic with the Justin Guarini reference but you see our point, right?


Colin Farrell


Despite being in two awesome films in 2013, Saving Mr. Bank and Seven Psychopaths, it still seems like people can only remember the terrible disappointment of Total Recall. That’s a total shame. So we’re campaigning for this guy’s career to be fast tracked again. In fact, we think this dude could even win an OSCAR one day if given the right opportunity. Have we gone too far? Okay, how about him being the next Iron Man? We’ve definitely gone too far now, huh? Call us crazy.


Adrien Brody


Adrien Brody has paid his dues with humble beginnings on King of the Hill during his early years, and eventually went on to do the most important thing an actor can ever do in their life. Kiss Halle Berry. Since then he hasn’t done too much else that’s truly noteworthy – in fact, if it wasn’t for Wes Anderson, he would be completely irrelevant.


Taylor Kitsch


Taylor Kitsch it’s clear that his best work is inFriday Night Lights, and Snakes on a Plane. So how can we make a hodgepodge of both these films? Have him fly a plan, you know like a pilot, despite being a star high school quarterback  to a very important Texas high school football game… let’s say the championships. By landing the plane at the last minute, only to discover that the locker room is infested with some MOTHER FUCKING SNAKES!


The following are legit honorable mentions, but they’re so damn rich, and have acquired so much success we really don’t give a damn if they ever respectably chart the box office again.

Mel GibsonJohnny DeppRobert De Niro, and Will Smith.