At this year’s 86th Academy Awards show, race was central to several Oscar conversations. Black characters’ humanity can often be perceived as hit or miss in movies and, until now, not one major Hollywood studio has even released a 3D animated feature starring a black character.

But all that is about to change, with Home. The upcoming DreamWorks animation is a project with something just a little bit different going on: This 3D post-apocalyptic film stars a little black girl, called Tip. Aside from the Tiana character in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, black lead characters have been scarce in animation. It’s about time for more!

In the DreamWorks adaptation of The True Meaning of Smekday, Rihanna plays the lead character Tip opposite Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. Check out the latest Home trailer and just you try to tell me that it doesn’t warm your heart! – moviepilot