Synopsis: Two teens diagnosed with the big ‘c’ fall in love after meeting at a terminal support group, and embark on an adventure in Amsterdam to solve a mystery from a book.

Conclusion: 5/5 popcorn buckets


Thoughts: #teamshailene. Okay. Teen based films.

Reasoning: #teamshailene Look, we’ve been pretty pro
Jennifer Lawrence these last few years, but for us Shailene Woodley has just arrived. Yes, Hollywood turned flips over her performance in The Descendants, and we thought she was solid in The Spectacular Now. However, she’s never moved us until now. So much that she’s made us question our allegiance to Jennifer Lawrence. The good news is we haven’t lost our minds, so we’re still pro #jlaw, but we’re now also on Shailene’s team and look forward to all of her future work.


Okay. Okay…. Okay…. now that we’ve finished declaring our love for Shailene, we thought we would actually flush out a couple of scenes that truly sticks to your ribs, because they had so much substance to them. 

“The Trophy” scene is awesome for a lot reasons, but we truly don’t have to time to list them all. It’s great that it’s a great example of how accurate the dialogue is. It’s such rarity, which is sad, that films accurately portray how today’s teenagers talk and interact with one another. Isaac played by Nat Wolff does an awesome job flipping’ out in this scene.

“The No One Says Anything” scene is amazing. At one sad point or another Hazel, played by Shailene Woodley, is almost delivered sad news. We say almost because Hazel didn’t need to hear the words. That’s the best part of this scene, no one speaks about the sad news.

We’ve been hollering at the top of our longs these last couple of years for Hollywood to do more films featuring teenagers. Lord Jesus please allow Hollywood take this a license to make more teen-centric films.