Synopsis: A group of friends head to Las Vegas for a wedding, and experience every high and definite low that Sin City has to offer its visitors.

Conclusion: 1/5 buckets of popcorn


Thoughts: Hart, cardiac distress. Music video. Where’s the man in the suit?

Reasoning: We get that Kevin Himageart is the biggest star out of this film, and he’s definitely the man right now. So fuckin’ what? Does that mean the audience has endure so much of Hart that we suffer some sort of cardiac distress?

Do you see what we did there? Do you like that word play with Hart? No? Okay fine.

Either way the audience had to watch full blown scenes with Hart that should have been cut down, cut into a montage or left on the cutting room floor altogether. 

What the fuck? Why was there a full blown music video in the middle of this film? There we were getting ready to watch whatever shenanigans the girls where going to get into clubbing while unknowingly high (we don’t care about spoilers, that’s how bad this film is) and then bam! We’re watching a whole music video, and if you’re thinking that we’re exaggerating, we assure you we’re not. There was even a title card at the end of the damn music video!

So between the cardiac distress, and the terrible music video you might be asking what else went wrong? This film missed the perfect chance to give the man in the suit aka Steve Harvey a cameo. That’s what else went wrong! Why not have Steve Harvey play himself on a couples vacation with his wife or attending a convention he’s speaking at, and have Mr. Harvey give several of the characters advice on how to resolve their lame problems? At least that would’ve been a cameo that helps drive the plot unlike the terrible Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Coco Austin. … just saying.

Save your time and money, and Netflix it for a slow Saturday night.