Raiders of the Lost Ark | 1981 | dir. Steven Spielberg

This classic adventure with a surprisingly high body count isn’t a classic because of its acting or even necessarily its script since, let’s be honest, neither of which are that great, but rather all thanks to Spielberg, who was able to direct bold and fun action sequences that still hold up several decades later (plus, Douglas Slocombe’s cinematography is great).

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  | 1984 | dir. Steven Spielberg

Keeping with the feel of the first film, this prequel (?) features a goofy tone mixed with some seriously violent and dark events (I mean, there’s nothing more fun than child slavery, RIGHT… right?), but that being said, the adventure of it all eventually takes over and leaves you mostly satisfied and thrilled.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade | 1989 | dir. Steven Spielberg

The original Indiana Jones trilogy has always focused on entertainment first and this film is no exception to that rule, but the reason why I personally like this film the most, though not enough to say I “love” it, is because we actually get to learn more about Indy himself, making his courageousness more rousing and his struggles more significant.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull | 2008 | dir. Steven Spielberg

I find it strange that die hard fans of the originals seem to adamantly agree that this fourth entry is much worse than the others because I think that this most recent Indy film, besides some oddly bad special effects, fits perfectly along with the others (though it is one of the weaker ones), and it entertained me enough where I would be interested in seeing more Indy flicks in the future, preferably with new blood taking over the reins.