imageSynopsis: A down on his luck indie label record exec, Dan, decides to throw caution to the wind and produce a live album with a British song writer with the streets of New York as their audience.

Conclusion: 5/5 buckets of popcorn


Thoughts: Hard eye roll. Non-didactic. Soundtrack. Like that dude.

Reasoning: Alright, not gonna lie, there was a hard eye roll with in the 1st three minutes of the film the moment Greta played by  Keira Knightley began singing. However, the eye roll was wrong, it was premature and unnecessary. Knightely was charming in her role as a non assuming song writer turned indie artist, who’s sorting through heart break from her all-of-a-sudden famous boyfriend, Dave, played by Adam Levine

Begin Again unweaves its non-sequential storyline of a indie label record exec, Dan played by Mark Ruffalo, who pioneered the art of running a successful indie record. However, Dan is down on his luck as he struggles with producing artist that can succeed in today’s industry for his label. Of course, Dan hates today’s music industry, and how it’s bending over backwards to sell singles, but the film thankfully doesn’t beat the audience across the head with how important it is to produce “real” music. Nope. It simply seizes the opportunity, exactly like the characters in the film, to produce music by individual artist and not watered down music often heard in pop culture. 

This film has an awesome soundtrack – it feel good sound is perfect for the summer.

James Corden plays Steve, Greta‘s UK buddy, did a nice job playing her music loving struggling indie artist chum. He’s a likable dude.