Synopsis: A man finds himself on a dangerous mission to retrieve his stolen car with a half witted young man during post apocalyptic times.


Thoughts: Good ambiance. Pretty girl rock. Knock off 20.

Conclusion: 3/5 buckets of popcornimage

Reasoning: The director, David Michôd, has created a unique ambiance with his post apocalyptic world where life is dismals and in disarray. It allows the viewers to focus on nothing else but the mission of finding Eric’s (Guy Pearce) car, and to have compassion for why one would be so determined to retrieve it despite how dangerous the mission is.

Don’t hate [him] ‘cause [he’s] beautiful… Robert Pattinson was on one in this film. He did an excellent job playing the dull witted Rey who just wants to rejoin his brother’s band of hooligans that stole Eric’s car, The Rover. It’s refreshing to see him back in the indie scene, this is actually why we’ve always loved Pattinson. We recommend you check him out in this role, and a few other indie roles e.g. How to BeThe Haunted Airman and Little Ashes

As much as we enjoyed Pattinson’s performance opposite Pearce, the director holding shots of dismal landscape some how made for a boring moments in the film. Who would’ve thunk? That being said if they had of cut down some of these shots, the film couldn’t knocked off 20 minutes; thus, maintaining some intensity.