Batkid was a dream that became the kind of reality that warmed hearts and made for sweet memes last fall. But his story isn’t over, thanks to the proposed documentaryBatkid Begins. But to get it made, its filmmakers need your help. Check out the video above to see how.

Batkid Begins will begin its fundraising campaign on Indiegogo tomorrow, July 15th.

As you can see from the video above, Batkid Begins has access to a great wealth of archival footage from five-year-old Miles Scott’s Make-A-Wish day as Batkid, wherein he swooped around San Francisco next to Batman and did all sorts of daring-do. Filmmaker Dana Nachman also has access to the Scott family, including father Nick, who explains how Miles’ battle with cancer inspired the kid to want to battle bad guys, like his hero the Caped Crusader. ” – cinemablend