Marvel is already incredible for so many reasons, we dare not count. However, we will take note of one of their most recent incredible acts as of late. It has been revealed that they plan on rolling out a female Thor in an upcoming comic book series. In light of this news, we’re going to skip all of the feminist rants and raves, and cut straight to the fact that this could make for an awesome spin-of franchise for the big screen.

And let the fantasy casting begin!

Charlize Theron


This lady is established, easy to looky at, and is no stranger to action – Æon Flux and Hancock. Some would argue her age. Yes, we’re going there. By the time Marvel cranks out her 3 franchise films over the next 6-8 years, plus Theron appearing in other Marvel franchises that could cause her franchise to take even longer to roll out. She’ll be closing in on her 50’s, which is practically her 70’s as far as Hollywood is concerned with women. BUT it’s a good thing we’re always wearing our feminist caps over here at Popcorn, because we don’t give a good ‘g’ damn. We know Theron will bring her mature woman sex appeal and confidence the same way RDJ does for Iron Man.

Alexis Knapp


It’s no doubt that her biggest claim to fame is Pitch Perfect, but that’s okay because that means this up ‘n’ coming starlet will come cheap. Thus, providing Marvel with a bigger budget to create more awesome effects and a film actually worth seeing in 3D. In fact, the more we think about this, the less excited we are about casting her in this role. So, we’re going to need a killer script penned, and a stacked supporting cast that came from the gods themselves. Oh and… and… she’s a new face that hasn’t been over saturated by Hollywood. Huge bonus!

Amber Heard


Look, we usually don’t give our opinion on who we truly want to book the part in our Fantasy Casting, BUT we love Heard so hard around here. Like real real hard, son. She’s beautiful, sexy and someone needs to give her shot at some legit roles. Yes, she’s wavered recently with lame ass films e.g. Syrup (oh god was it terrible) and Paranoia, but we just don’t care. Someone, anyone in Hollywood, needs to scoop this girl up. Do some fine tuning acting wise, hope isn’t lost like it is with Megan Fox, and let her rip. We’re petitioning for her in this film, and were seriously considering utilizing for our cause, but we’re going to leave that site for more humanitarian like concerns.

Margot Robbie


This newbie’s biggest claim to fame is The Wolf of Wall Street. Not a bad introduction, huh? Even though we still don’t have a super clear picture as to what she can bring to the table actress wise, she does have the right look. Plus, she can take a punch in the stomach from Leo, So we figured she can handle some Marvel style fight sequences with no problem.

Honorable Mention:


Blake Lively Kristen Bell Helena Mattsson

What say you?