We know this classic Shakespearean play has become a bit of a whore, lending itself to any Hollywood production that can find enough finances to scrap together some type of production. BUT that doesn’t mean that there can’t be one more done that is totes amazeballs, and jam packed with riveting performances!

Romeo played by Michael B. Jordanimage

This guy… well, this guy has recently dazzled Hollywood with excellent performances in Fruitvale StationParenthoodFriday Night Lights and the list goes on. That being said, we know Jordan would bring a unique spin on the classic girl crazy love bird, Romeo.

Marcutio played by Chris Colferimage

We’re all for actors getting the opportunity to play against type, and we think Chris playing Marcutio would be the quintessential example of playing against type. Wouldn’t it be grand to see Chris play hetero with a strong sexual prowess constantly giving the audience sexual double entendres? And all of that without the least bit of interest in current pop culture?!

Friar Laurence played by Idris Elbaimage

It’s not often audiences get a chance to see a Catholic friar who dabbles in potions… let a lone as a ridiculously hot black Brit man.

Rosaline played by Deborah Ann Wollimage

Yes, she never actually appears in the play, but we’re thinking it would be interesting to put a face to the unseen beauty that Romeo is originally in love with, at some point or several points in the film. We’re not saying give this character any lines, but if a strong silent performance is given this character’s presence could be powerful.

Next week will feature: Juliet, Tybalt, The Nurse and The Apothecary but we know you’re craving some more – don’t worry we gotchu!