Yeah boy, take those briefs off! Okay, for you youngins who have yet to see the pop culture classic, American Gigolo, shame on you. The film was released in 1980 starring Richard GereLauren Hutton, Bill Dukes, and Lina Van Pallandt. Gere plays a narcissistic-pretty-boy-sex-worker, who finds himself in love with a woman that belongs to another, and with blood on his hands for crime he did not commit.


In addition to a proper [Fantasy] Casting, two things will need to be implemented in the revamp. 1.) A modernization applied to the LA sex worker scene. 2.) One sole aspect of the original film must remain in the remake.

First, the sex worker scene needs have diversity culturally and with gender with men and woman sex workers. You know because pretty white boys aren’t all that people desire sexually. Secondly, the revamped version of the film must keep the full frontal male nudity. #nopenisnomovie

Max Minghella


Yes, he’s that one guy you’ve seen in various films in TV shows over the years e.g. The Mindy Project, The Internship, Ides of March, and The Social Network. Minghella is of those low key guys in Hollywood who has been in a bunch of stuff, but has failed to become standard #MCM, sadly. That’s okay though, because if Hollywood revamped this with the proper director and support casting we know Minghella would be amazing in this role.

Nicholas Holt


Most recently seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Mad Max: Fury Road. If you can’t see this young man seducing clients in bedrooms, club bathrooms, hell, the DMV waiting area… then you’re blind. Holt has a dynamic range that he’s yet to be fully employed outside of his two season stint on the awesomely melodramatic UK teen drama, Skins (puts Degrassi to shame). Not to mention he previous work as gay college student in A Single Man, says he’s willing to push the boundaries of a traditional client list. If not in this role, fine, but Holt needs to be seen in a roles beyond spraying chrome on his face, and running around in a Cookie Monster costume on steroids.

Theo James 


Most recently lusted after in the Divergent franchise. With James’ Adonis good looks, he will easily appeal to international audiences. However, the concern is whether or not he can play a guy who bangs randoms while surrounded by drugs and violence, simultaneously, trying to convince his lady love to choose him instead of the privilege life she’s become accustomed to. Not to mention, the murder he’s been falsely accused of. This film is much darker than what James has built his career on, but his career could use a little sick ‘n’ twisted to keep things interesting.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson


Most recently lusted after in my every day dreams! Love him. Secretly want something to happen to his wife that prevents her from being his wife. Don’t want her to kick the bucket or anything, that would be terrible, but basically the universe needs to make way for us to be together (cue The Sandlot voice) for-ev-ver! Future husband, will lace in the darkness of choosing a life of being a sex worker like an ace, but more importantly the character’s vulnerable desperation as he scrambles to clear his name of a crime he did not commit.

Michael Pitt


Most recently seen in Hannibal, Seven Psychopaths and Boardwalk Empire, but made us all swoon in Dawson’s Creek, and made us feel err… well, we were feeling some feelings in The Dreamers. Since Pitt is the oldest out of this round of [Fantasy] Casting, this will work to his advantage as seasoned sex worker who knows the LA scene like the back of his hand. Making no one with mommy’s and daddy’s card, or woman with her husband’s black card, that he won’t charge for a two hour session (at least) with him. Another advantage of casting Pitt would be his ability to handle the sexual fluid scene that is innate to LA the scene. Lastly, he’s ready to go full frontal.

Side note, if you love flicks about turning tricks, I got you.

What say you?