Although, Eartha Kitt only played the iconic character for the 3rd and final season of the 1960′s campy yet pop culture classic Batman TV show, Kitt left her mark. Her lithe movement, unique voice, and creative take on the character left a permanent impression on audiences, and every woman who’s dared to fill the spandex/rubber/leather suite used Kitt’s character work as a spring board to build their own version of the iconic character. image

Unfortunately, it’s hard for a female villain or superhero to get her own franchise these days, and sadly the last franchise attempt with Halle Berry in 2004 was a 3rd degree fail. However, we can rid our mouths of the 2004 bad taste with the fresh crop of (should be) A-list leading ladies.

If DC Comics had plans on incorporating Catwoman into the current DC Comic universe, then Catwoman would have needed to be a woman. Our true choice is to let Berry reprise the role, but we know that will not happen. The studio only forgives white guys who fuck up franchises, that’s right we’re calling you out Ryan Reynolds and you Seth Rogen. So, let’s just pretend for a moment, who is old enough to be locking lips with Ben Affleck with Berry on the outs?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Mbatha-Raw has recently been seen in the disgustingly underrated Beyond the Lights and the adored Belle. Mbatha-Raw will be seen world wide in the upcoming and highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VIII. This blog lives and bleeds for Mbatha-Raw, and cursed the 2015 BAFTAs for not awarding her the EE Rising Star award. All that said, there’s not a stitch of evidence that say Mbatha-Raw can’t handle a darker storyline, or a more commercial family friendly franchise.

Nicole BeharieNiole Beharie

Recent work includes Sleepy Hollow and 42. Cue the boggle and bad accent, let dis island gal shine on da silver screen! The struggles of Sleepy Hollow, please let season 3 pull it together, don’t have anything to do with this Juilliard trained actress. Need this post say more? Juilliard.

Tika Sumpter


Confession time, not 100% sure if Sumpter can pull this off, there is this tainted Tyler Perryfied image of her. Not saying there’s something wrong or right about Tyler Perry’s showrunner style, but it is so distinctly him. You know? Like you don’t hire Christopher Walken, if you don’t want Christopher Walken. Thus, it’s hard to imagine Sumpter playing the mysterious and soultry Catwoman without imaging Tyler Perry’s influence, as she already plays a conniving and mysterious woman on Perry’s The Haves and the have Nots. If she can drop Tyler Perryfied style, then this lady definitely deserves a screen test. If she can’t no worries, Sumpter still has has a hit TV show, and there’s more where she came from.

YaYa DaCosta


Completely ignoring the Whitney Houston TV movie released earlier this year, and acknowledging her recent work in Chicago Fire and Lee Daniel’s The Butler. DaCosta’s lean and limber model frame would maneuver with ease in the Catwoman costume, the biggest challenge would be to prove that she can pull off playing the complex nature of this feline criminal.


On second thought, now that the brain is reeling with thoughts, Catwoman is never going to be incorporated into the Justice League DC Comic universe, because Catwoman doesn’t even exist outside of Gotham. It’s like she’s dead to Batman when he’s not cape crusading around Gotham fighting for justice. When ever Batman is with the Justice League, what does he do? Lust after Wonder Woman! Dude is like, “Catwoman who? If she’s not in the Metropolis area code… I don’t know the bitch”. Now, it would be nice to upgrade Catwoman to the main chick, but considering that she and Batman are way too on ‘n’ off again… she’s gonna have to stay in the side-piece lane and wait on that hotline bling.

Tangent much?

Look the point is, Catwoman only exist in Gotham, and since she won’t have to play opposite to any of the mature cast members from the upcoming Justice League that means Catwoman can definitely be younger. Any where from high school junior to early 20-something, allowing audiences to learn more about Selina Kyle’s scrappy past as a street rough. What her crime life and love life looks like when Bruce Wayne isn’t sliding into her DMs.

Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey Clemons

Clemons has recently been seen in 2015 summer release Dope, Extant, and Transparent. Yeah, that’s right, look at them apples. Without out a shadow of a doubt, we know that Clemons can play the scrappy ruffian with sex appeal that renders all breathing helpless under her spell, and to not only bring Catwoman to life, but more importantly Selina Kyle.

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson

Recently seen in Selma, Dear White People and Copper. Boom! Although, Thompson hasn’t played a character that leads with their sexual prowess, we know she’s go it in there. Yes, a strong sexual prowess isn’t the only component to playing Catwoman but it’s ummm… very important. If she can bring the prowess, we know she can play Selina Kyle.

Please take note that Zoe Kravitz is not on this [Fantasy] Casting list….

What say you?