imageThe 80′s is the gift that just keeps on giving when it comes to [Fantasy] Casting! Thank you 1980′s, you’re too kind. The only stipulation for remaking this film would be to cut down on the music video style dance numbers. Yes, there should be plenty of dancing; however, there is away to work it into the storyline in a organic manner.

imageFor the ignorant folks who are not familiar with 80′s classic, Flashdance was released in 1983, and stars Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri. The film follows a struggling Pittsburgh young woman, as she balances the night life of being an exotic dancer, and the day life of working in the boy’s club as a welder with dreams of training at a dance conservatory as a ballerina.
Yes, we did a lot cherry picking from Disney alumni, but these triple threats are pretty perfect to fill the role of a stripper with dreams. Just saying…

Selana Gomez


Gomez has already made several moves that has separated her from the Disney factory, and we’re grateful she’s done it. She’s actually enjoyable in edgier material e.g. Spring Breakrs, even if she is playing the good girl who goes back home. The fact that Gomez was willing to be associated with such a film, makes it clear that she’s ready to move forward into grown womanhood. With gritty Pittsburgh as her backdrop, modest blue collar welding work will make for a unique juxtaposition for all the dance routines we know Gomez will be able to pull off. Plus, we wouldn’t mind a few tracks from her for the film’s soundtrack. Digging the new song Good For You, girl!



Not sure if Zendaya will cut her Disney contract short… In fact, it was awkward looking for a sexy GIF for the current Disney star, because she’s still doing it for the kids y’all. Regardless, she’s got a great look, a background in dance, but it’s a toss up as to whethr or not she can pull off an undereducated blue collar stripper with dreams to lace up her points. Plus, we know she can bring her chic street fashion that would pair well with a Pittsburgh backdrop, and has yet to make it to the silver screen.

Demi Lovato


Perhaps a welding undereducated stripper who is super jaded is the angle to play for Lovato, because she might not pass for the 19 year older version that stands in the original film. Lovato’s version has been in the game for awhile, and knows all of the ugly truths from her life style. Does she want the to be a ballerina? No, can’t see Lavato pulling off the points. Maybe she’s a cellist trying to get in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra? But in order to push herself to the next level for a real chance at being accepted into the orchestra, she will need to train with a world renowned cellist whom happens to reside in Pittsburgh (of all places). But the lessons are very expensive. Thus Lovato is pulling extra stripper shifts for fast money, and is struggling to stay awake to get the extra hours of practice to meet the mentor’s expectations. Oh, and don’t forget the welding day job. The point is, Lavoto can’t play no ballerina with all of that bass.

Kat Graham


Graham ‘ought to be sick of playing a character who saves humans and vampires, only to get punked two seconds later when they sacrifice her for their vampire or human agenda. It’s a tired ass plotline. Graham is a talented singer and dancer but most don’t know this, because Graham’s music career somehow manages to get even less attention than Ciara’s music career did. Ouch! That’s okay though because not only is Graham perfect to play a welder by day, a stripper by night, but she can totally pass as a ballerina. Perfect. Plus, she’s non-Disney channel talent!

Vanessa Hudgens


And back to Disney alumni talent! Umhum, already know what you’re thinking. Where the hell has this chick been? Hudgens breaks up with Zac Efron, and she just launches into oblivion? Crazy. Actually, Hudgens has been doing more films that aren’t blockbuster guarantees lately e.g. Gimme Shelter and Spring Breakers. Because of these choices, it’s clear that Hudgens can handle a character driven drama that happens to have some stripper routines in it.

Alexandra Shipp


Shipp has managed to make a splash with two cable TV movies starring in Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B and Drumline: A New Beat. She’s also in the mega hit Straight Outta Compton. Not impressed? Well, she’s also Storm in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. All that in mind, so far none of Shipp’s work has required her to dig deep for her drama chops, but we’re hoping that she’s got ‘em for a much more grounded Flashdance remake.

What say you?