imageVixen is not a well known DC Comics (s)hero, but if you’ve kept your fandom up you’ll be familiar with her. If not, not worries, Vixen is an African (s)hero who takes on strengths from various animals for her super powers.

Danai Gurira


Come on, you already know what this is. Treme and The Walking Dead. Need not say anymore. Although, Gurira has yet to show all of her Zimbabwean-American beauty as of late due to her being in survival mode as Michonne, because who’s got time to look sexy while fighting off walkers? She can play a woman with a past like no body’s business, now it’s time to see her play a woman who’s on a mission.

Keke Palmer


We’ve watched her grow into a fine young lady, and can currently be seen on Fox’s Scream Queens. This is what Palmer has going for herself, she’s a recognizable face, which puts the studios worries at ease, and she’s got all the sass necessary to play a gal like Vixen.

Megan Good


Good is also a recognizable face now with Minority ReportMr. RobinsonDeception and many more TV and film credits under her belt. Now, to be honest, not sure where she’s gonna scrounge the chops to pull off a character driven superhero franchise. But dammit this girl has got body! So, if she can’t find the chops… Good could be incorporated into the Justice League with reasonable supporting role.

What say you?