Captain Zero is an upcoming animated series created by your truly that will air the Winter or 2016.
It centers around Xerxes Hughes, a 17 year old black teenager who is also the super hero Captain Zero and suffers from depression and anxiety. Its about him and his fight to understand why his life is worth living and why his voice matters.

The show tackles how we view our selves and ultimately the greatest battle we often face is within ourselves. With two main female lead roles, one  whom is transgender, the overall aim of the shows to give a platform for these people to speak outside of the traditional context they’re usually given in media.

This show aims to give these people depth, as well as speak on topics like following your dreams, racism, sexism, transphobia in a way that’s not overtly preachy but dynamic and interesting! A story that when its seen, viewers can not only see themselves in the characters but also be entertained, understand why these topics are so important, grow as they grow, and take away life lessons.”

(Submitted by captainzerotv )

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