The Mod Squad is an oldie, but a goodie. It originally landed in Hollywood in 1968 as a TV series about a counterculture hippie trio of 20-somethings who fight crime one episode at a time as undercover cops. The original series ran for 123 episodes starring Michael ColClarence Williams III,  and Peggy Lipton. So, it was definitely a hit of its era.

customlogo-gifThere was a remake in 1999 starring Claire DanesGiovanni Ribisi and Omar Epps, but it was panned by critics and failed to inspire movie goers to purchase tickets.

Mod SquadBut! You know I don’t care. This can still be done. My recommendation is to bring it to the theaters once again; however, keep it as a sixties period piece. Many of the issues occurring in the 60’s are resonating with the country right now. A strong, thrilling, and gritty undercover storyline could definitely draw movie goers to the theater. Now, I know I’m asking for a lot but if there could some how be witty dialogue that we have seen in Shane Black‘s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. As well as, the grit of The Departed and Training Day, then Hollywood would have a winning combination.

Oh, and just to breakdown the characters original backstories:

Pete Is a disowned Beverly Hills bad boy with grand theft auto on his record.

Linc l  Is a tough from the ghettos of Watts who was arrested during the Watts riots.

Julie l  Is a run away daughter of a prostitue who was arrested in LA for vagrancy.

There will probably need to be some adjustment based on casting.

Alright. Ready?

Miles Teller as Pete l Cara Delevingne as Julie l Michael B. Jordan as Linc


I’m not even going to spend anytime explaining why this obnoxiously obvious trio would receive an immediate green light from Hollywood. You already know. The question is, do you agree?


Victor Rasuk as Linc Samira Wiley as Julie l Taron Egerton as Pete


So this group is skewing older, minus Taron but I love the idea of this trio. They’re the edgy anti-Hollywood machine version of the film, and to be honest would probably obliterate the previous trio with their performance. Yes, Taron is on the fast track of becoming A-list status, but he can definitely hang with the grit I know Victor and Samira would bring to their performance. Maybe Taron will bring some Steven McQueen edge to his character? Rasuk has been earning his stripes for years, but fails to be a household name. At best he’s, “oh it’s that one guy” guy, and a film like this would be a game changer for this vet. All Hollywood has to do is make Linc from Brooklyn. However, if Hollywood wants to make Linc’s backstory really different, I think he should come from France who’s parents – perhaps Moroccan- got a jump on immigration in 1950’s well before the serge of immigrants in the 1960’s. As a result, Linc’s family business is exploiting the surge, and Linc won’t stand for it. After his participation in the May 1968 crisis, his parents ship him off to Berkeley to finish his studies in college, and to run the family business once he’s graduated, but of course he finds trouble once in 1960’s California.

Dev Patel as Pete l Aja Naomi King as Julie l Grant Gustin as Linc


Instead of having Linc being a tough guy from the ghetto, let’s just have Linc as a wild man willing to break the law in the name of justice; however, his compass for justice is heavily skewed which is why he has ties with a variety of extreme militant groups. Dev can play Pete, but keep with the British accent as the guy who was supposed to go to Oxford but instead rather listen to the Stones and race his Chevy, which is why he’s been disowned by his family. Aja can keep the same storyline for Julie.

That’s it. Boom!

If you’re gonna complain about the changes in ethnicities regarding the casting – save it. This franchise will work with any qualifying talent no matter their ethnic background. Period. So, if you have any other questions or comments, by all means speak on it!

What say you?