It’s no secret that Hugh Jackman has gone on the record about departing from the very role that has made him a household name, Logan/Wolverine. I get it. It’s a demanding role. Maybe he wants to dabble in more roles that will flex his talent in a different manner? After all, when he wasn’t running around bare chested, he’s doing films like Prisoners,  Les Miserables,  Scoop etc. In other words, he’s doing films that allow him to do character work which is what actors really love. That being said, I’m sad to see him go, but I’m happy that he will get to show us his talent outside of franchise films.

Okay, so, let’s dive into a brief history of Wolverine. Meh. On second thought we know all there is to know about Logan/Wolverine because we’ve been watching him on the silver screen for over 10 years. If you don’t know about this iconic Marvel character then… I don’t know… go jump off a bridge buddy.

Alright, let’s do this!

Luke Evans


Lucas is undoubtedly one of the finest exports from London, England. He’s got that grown man sex appeal thing down pat. After blessing the West End stages in several plays i.e. Rent, Miss Saigon and Taboo, Evans finally began to break out in Hollywood starting with the film Clash of the Titans. Since Marvel has clearly worked so hard to explore Logan‘s backstory beyond being a bruiting Wolverine, I have no doubt that Evans can bring a fresh light to the character. If you can’t pin point it… you know this dude from the following: The Three MusketeersFast & Furious 6 (and 7) and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Edgar Ramírez


I’m late to the Edgar Ramirez party. He was literally the only light to come out of dark and dismal, The Girl on the Train. No offense to Lucas, because he was good as well, but Ramirez is who really caught my attention in that film. This Venezuelan man beauty would provide a unique spin on the character. Perhaps Hollywood should use his Venezuelan heritage? Giving Wolverine brand spanking new canon. We can just call it the “Miles Morales Effect”. Then we just throw in a cameo of Logan passing the torch. If you can’t pin point it… you know this dude from the following: JoyZero Dark Thirty, and Point Break.

Kit Harington


Is it possible that Kit’s career will ever evolve beyond the iconic role of Jon Snow? No. That simple fact alone makes me shy away from Kit stepping into the role, because audience might not see Wolverine, they might only see Jon Snow running around doing Professor X’s bidding and pinning after a woman that is not a Wildling. I mean Kit has done several project while watching the wall, and I haven’t heard single person so much as sneeze about MI-5 or Seventh Son or Pompeii. Case and point. Let’s just hope that doesn’t fall into the same flopped career of the likes like Jaleel White. Who’s Jaleel White? He’s Steve Urkel. Yeah, Jaleel has continued to work, but no one ever sees him beyond the iconic 90’s TGIF super geek. But! Regardless of that nay-saying I just did, Kit has time on his side. He’s young and could easily take over a physically demanding role that could span +10 years. Plus, he’s already a house hold name with a loyal fan following that might finally go to theaters to see him a role or than Mr. Snow.

Colin Farrell


Although Colin has pretty much left mainstream Hollywood a long ass time ago, it would appear that he’s finally ready to return. Starting with the highly anticipated film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Not sure he would be willing to jump on to another franchise film, but this role really suits him. Plus, in between films Colin can still do his critic friendly work i.e. The Lobster and Saving Mr. Banks, or do another crappy season on some HBO show ::cough:: True Detective ::cough::. If nothing else the studio can dial back Wolverine, and focus on the other (snubbed) characters in the X-Men universe. Shout out to Jubilee! Can I get an amen?!

Michiel Huisman


Game of Thrones just keeps on giving now doesn’t it? Michiel is a Dutch actor who built his career in his home country on several series, and transitioned into Hollywood with more TV work i.e. Nashville and Treme. Now, I haven’t seen his work on Orphan Black nor Treme, but from what I have seen… Michiel has mostly played this artsy (somewhat arrogant) musician type in Nashville, or a devoted love interest in GOT and The Age of Adeline. I find that somewhat concerning because neither of those character types are quite Logan/Wolverine. He’s loyal and caring in his own complex way, but not in the sappy or artsy way Michiel’s characters have been. On the flip side I thing these concerning differences can be utilized as unique character traits that could be carefully implemented into Logan/Wolverine.

I know. I know. This list is perfect. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment – judge with me.