Got the brilliant idea to [Fantasy] Cast Static Shock after rumors began to swirl about an A-list son being courted by studio execs for the part. However, before I get into the fun, lets take a step back and discuss all the things regarding Static Shock.

Static Shock jumped on to the scene in 1993 under DC Comics’ imprint Milestone Comics. Eventually, Static Shock was officially inducted into the DC Comics’ universe when he joined the Teen Titans. Although, Static Shock is a street level superhero, his creators used the skyscraper superhero Spider-Man/Peter Parker as a model to develop Shock’s awkward teen struggling to balance his new found powers with adolescent character. When it comes to similar character types with web slinger, the buck stops there, Static Shock got his powers during a gang fight at the Dakota Docks had an explosion releasing gas into the air. Anyone exposed to the explosion or bang, are known as “Bang Babies”,  because they developed metahuman powers as a result of their exposure to the gas.

Here’s what I want…

I just don’t want to see the franchise drone on with trivial adolescent high school drama. The first film, aka the origin story, should take place his senior year of high school so we can move Virgil Ovid Hawkins (look up his namesake – interesting history) into college or working some crummy entry level job. Personally, I rather see Static Shock go to college and pledge to a black fraternity just to add a little… flavor to his life. But more importantly, it would off set his gang related history. Albeit, Virgil was forced to join his gang.


Daniel Curtis Lee


Daniel Curtis Lee is exactly what puberty looks like when it’s done well. Like dayum! Anyway, moving on from that shallow note,  I’m not 100% sure if Mr. Lee can carry this franchise all by himself. I’m leaning towards a Teen Titans ensemble casting for him, and if he turns out as great as I hope… then great give him his own franchise. What I don’t want is DC’s version of Thor. The franchise that no one cares about, but people are obligated to see the films because they know it’s going to tie in with the rest Marvel Universe. Movie goers don’t need anymore of that non-sense.  If you can’t pin point it… you know this dude from the following:  Ned’s Declassified School Survival GuideZeke and Luther, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.


Tequan Richmond

Static Shock

To be honest, Tequan’s career has been a bit humdrum but solid. At this rate he’s just going to keep knocking around like a young Jason George assuming that he will eventually book a hit prime time series on a major network show i.e. Grey’s Anatomy. Fortunately, I think this young man can have a more exciting career than network TV (still love you Jason George). I think his career could take a different trajectory with a franchise role such as this. Perhaps the studio might not trust him to carry his now franchise, but if they did a Teen Titans which I hear is in development btw… then he could be a great supporting actor in this role apart of an ensemble cast. If you can’t pin point it… you know this dude from the following: Everybody Hates Chris and General Hospital.

Brandon Mychal Smith – The Whole Enchilada!


Okay, real talk, I’ve never liked this dude. His ever-present air of douchery has turned me off of him over the years. I mean there have been several Disney and Nickelodeon child stars that have managed to not make me want to throw up in my mouth, and I just don’t know why he couldn’t have been one of them. Harsh. I know. I don’t care. So, why am I recommending this dude? I’m recommending him because he’s finally changed my mind with solid performances. He first caught my attention in Get on Up playing Little Richard, the film was a mess but I still saw something in his performance. Fast forward to a few years later, he showed up on my beloved black comedy, FXX’s You’re the Worst, playing an obnoxious douchebag (ironic) rapper. This role finally made me give him the stamp of approval! He plays it beautifully nailing every comedic beat, and providing natural reactions with in the perimeter of his character whether he has lines or notd. Respect. That being said, BMS gets the whole enchilada baby! He deserves a shot to have his on franchise in addition to being apart of the Teen Titans’ franchise! If you can’t pin point it… you know this dude from the following: You’re the WorstSo Random!Sonny with a Chance, and  Unfabulous.

Tyler James Williams – The Whole Enchilada!


Tyler is hands down the most qualified young man on this list. He’s got a hell of a body of work, and the chops to back it up. He could act circles around everyone on this list! Tyler needs to be in the Teen Titans franchise, he needs to have his own Static Shock franchise, and needs to show up in anyone of the other Teen Titans that get their own franchise spin-off. Basically, he needs to the Iron Man of this universe. Even if he’s just showing up in an over the top fight sequence to help out at the last minute, or becomes more a partner in crime a la Black Widow to Captain America. That being said If you can’t pin point it… you know this dude from the following: The Walking DeadGo On, and Everybody Hates Chris.

Jaden Smith


If you’ve been paying any attention to the DC Comics property, then you’d know that Jaden Smith has been the most talked about regarding casting for Static Shock. I get it. He’s apart of a Hollywood A-list dynasty, hits all of the major tics needed for the role. He’s a boy. He’s black. He’s got hair. But beyond that what else does Jaden Smith have to offer? I’m not going to blame  After Earth on him because it would seem his father attached him to that debacle. So what do we have left body of work wise? Not too much, an definitely not much lately beyond Netflix’s The Get Down, which from what I’ve seen he was just fine in. Not terrible. Not mind-blowing. Fitting in just right with the rest of the ensemble cast, which is exactly where he most likely should be. Hence, me not giving him that grand pumba title of “The Whole Enchilada”. Even if Smith does prove to be a strong enough actor to carry his own franchise, I don’t know if movie goers will be able to separate him from… well him. Here’s some of his amazing quotes:

If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society. — Jaden Smith


When You Live Your Whole Life In A Prison Freedom Can Be So Dull — Jaden Smith

 So, yeah, that happened. Even though he’s a unique young man… I still want to see him in a group setting. If you can’t pin point it… you know this dude from the following: The Get DownThe Karate Kid and After Earth.

Also, I saw some good [Fantasy] Casting via Tumblr’s DC’s Women of Color and wanted to share this as well since it features supporting roles in the series.