10 landed in the theaters in 1979, and became an instant hit! 10 was written and directed by  Blake Edwards, and stars Dudley Moore,  Bo Derek and Julie Andrews. The film made a star out of the unknown Bo Derek who only had one other credit on her resume at the time, Orca. And really helped even out an up ‘n’ down decade Julie Andrews’ career was experiencing in 1970’s.

Anywhoogle, more about the film. George Webber (Moore) is a successful Hollywood songwriter who’s suddenly launched into a mid-life crisis after his 42nd birthday,  when he spots a young beautiful woman, Jenny Henley (Derek), on her way to getting married. After performing some detective work, George Webber decides to follow the irresistible Jenny Henley to her honeymoon destination in hopes to woo her despite being in a relationship with the beautiful Samantha Taylor (Andrews).

Hip-hip-hooray for super creepy stalker dude! Like really? This is before the interwebs, so to follow a newlywed woman to her honeymoon destination is quite the feet.

For a reference, check out the trailer below!

Blank ProfileAlright so the three characters I want to focus on in this [FANTASY] CASTING is George Webber (Moore) and Samantha Taylor (Andrews). I chose NOT to cast Bo Derek’s character, because she’s gotta be a nobody just like Derek was. I want people watching the film saying, “who the hell is she?!” So, in lieu of Jenny Henley, I will be casting George Webber’s “Fuck Boy” neighbor whose home is a revolving door of naked women that he parties with. As George Webber spies via telescope from his home!

Oh, and please note, the latest version will not have George Webber’s “ingenue”, Jenny Henley, with a culture appropriating hairstyle.

Jamie Foxx as George l Marisa Tomei as Sam l Danny McBride as Fuck Boy Neighbor

10_foxx-tomei-mcbrideJamie Foxx is perfect for George Webber, as a former stand-up comedian and sketch comedy actor he’s definitely got the background to pull off the skittish scenes Moore did flawlessly in his iconic role. Not to mention his chart toping music career! I think everyone was “blaming it on the alcohol” in 2008. Marisa Tomei is perfect for Samantha Taylor – she can play the “take no shit” firecracker single mom who’s still sexy, who knows what she deserves in a relationship. And of course… Danny McBride can play a wild obnoxious fuck boy with models flittering about in his Hollywood Hills home as he rubs is sexapades in George Webber’s face as enviously voyeurs from his telescope.

Robert Downey Jr. as George l Aisha Tyler as Sam Jason Bateman as Fuck Boy Neighbor

10_downey-tyler-batemanThere was a lot of debate at Popcorn and Velvet Seats headquarters, aka my apartment, regarding this trio. Don’t worry, RDJ is safe! RDJ should totally be able to pull off a middle-aged man forsaking his girlfriend to chase after young tail. The debate was over Aisha and Jason. Regarding Aisha, the two biggest concerns is that she’s not aging well and she won’t have the chops to hold a scene with RDJ. I say nay to those naysayers! Nay, I say! Aisha can do this, and she’s still hot. On to Bateman, okay, so I totally see there argument that Bateman’s image is just too nice to play a creepy fuck boy who beds women like his life depends on it. I mean the man has played a series of humdrum and harmless characters, but forget all of that! I’ve seen glimpses of just how good of an asshole Bateman can be, and I want more of that with naked women… and with coke…. and with booze…. and with a lavish Hollywood Hills house… and with all works people! I also want all of that without a proper backstory to his assholery or any redeeming qualities.

John Stamos as George l Vera Farmiga as Sam l Tracy Morgan as Fuck Boy Neighbor

10_stamos-farminga-morganFirstly, John Stamos has been completely under utilized despite being Amerca’s #1 hot uncle for three decades straight, but that’s okay because he’ll come cheap for the studio, and can bring his own musical talent to the role. Moving on to Tracy! Look-it Tracy Morgan is good to go.This guy will provide one-liners take after take with no problem! Okay, so look, I love me some Vera. But! I’m tired of seeing her vanquish demons and exorcise possessed children. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love The Conjuring and I’ve heard great things about Bates Motel, but come the fuck on! Let us not forget that she has played the allusive mile-high-club kinda sexy women in Up in the Air with George Clooney wanting to be more than her traveling side-piece, and she had both Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in The Departed vying for her affection. Y’all remember that, right? That being said, I think she’s primed to play a single mom with plenty of good committed relationship sex to give, but also doesn’t take her boyfriend’s shit when he uses chauvinistic/sexist language, and decides to have an unforeseen mid-life crisis.

Colin Firth as George l Lucy Liu as Sam l Charlie Day as Fuck Boy Neighbor


Colin Firth has got to be one of the most delightful actors to watch on the screen. I mean does he ever let us down? He’s got a list of endless credits of amazingness, but I want to see him drop the prestige while clumsily and creepily pining after younger women as he rudely neglects his age appropriate relationship. I want to see Lucy Liu light him up when he uses sexes language and slam the door in his face when tries back peddle, or shamelessly gets ready to go on a date with another man because single moms don’t have time when their boyfriend randomly tries to dabble in the nauseating art form of fuck boy debauchery. I want to see Charlie Day play against type of the unintentional benign idiot, and play a flamboyant womanizer. Don’t you want to see that?

Simon Pegg as George l Kate Beckinsale as Sam l Rainn Wilson as Fuck Boy Neighbor


I’m not even going to explain why Simon Pegg is all that is right for this part. Moving on to Kate Beckinsale – listen I know that she has been keeping her career alive with her Underworld franchise, which is fine and all. Glad that is still happening. I guess. I hear that’s got its own cult following, but I don’t subscribe to that fandom. However, I do subscribe to the The AviatorMuch Ado About NothingLaurel Canyon, and Love & Friendship Kate Beckinsale. Those performances are exactly why she will shine in this role. Okay, so, Rainn has been working constantly, but it’s safe to say his more recently roles since the office The Office weren’t memorable. Doesn’t matter. Still love the guy, and want to see him play a sleazy neighbor to mix things up.

I know. I know. This list is perfect. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment – judge with me.