TV One is a budding network that is slowly but surely building their programming, one of their most promising green lit series will be executive produced by OSCAR winner, Viola Davis. The series will be hosted by Benjamin Crump as it explores wrongful conviction cases. The series is aptly named, Two Sides of the Truth.

Two Sides of the Truth will generate controversy – but not for controversy’s sake.  Executive produced by Viola Davis and Lemuel Plummer, with narration by Davis, the purpose of the show is to get people to look twice; to question what they’re sure they know; to entertain the idea that while they might be right, that doesn’t mean the other perspective isn’t also right. Two Sides of the Truth will take viewers on a can’t-look-away, thought-provoking, and emotional journey that will resonate with them the next time they see an unjust shooting. Because of Two Sides of the Truth, viewers across the country may think twice before drawing conclusions. — deadline

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