I don’t know about you guys, but I am a huge fan of The Heat! I love that movie. Thank God I haven’t been holding my breath for a sequel, because that’s never going to happen. Why? Because Sandra Bullock is a ruiner. Apparently, Katie Dippold, the writer who penned The Heat, wrote a sequel quite some time ago but Bullock shot down doing a sequel altogether like the ruiner she is. Director Paul Feig spoke about the matter at The Tribeca Film Festival stating:

We wrote a sequel to The Heat. Katie Dippold wrote the most hilarious sequel to The Heat, it’s a take on Silence Of The Lambs. We desperately want to do a horror/comedy, me and her are just so set on that. But Sandra [Bullock] didn’t want to [do] it. — Feig

Doesn’t that sound like a legit sequel? Yeah, it does. Guess all we can do is patiently wait to see if they’ll move the franchise in a different directional completely or simply give Melissa McCarthy‘s character, Mullins, a new partner. I’m game for giving her a new partner or kinda making it this property into a anthology franchise featuring new female leads solving a different case in every film. I think the studio would go for this because the franchise would be a fun and unapologetic take on women working in a traditionally male dominated work force, and gives them an opportunity to diversify the casting for each film.