The highly anticipated spin-off of the insta cult horror classic, The Conjuring, will focus on the ultra creepy demon nun, Valek, that made her scary debut in the sequel to The Conjuring. Warner Bros. and all attached to the project are keeping the plot to The Nun mums, but lets hope the crazy talented Vera Farmiga will at the very least grace audiences with a cameo.

Especially since her younger sister, Taissa Farmiga, will be taking on the role of the Nun! Exciting, right? It would be interesting to see the sisters battling one another, good versus evil, but perhaps the Farmiga sisters will be so great in their roles we’ll forget they’re sisters altogether as they duke it out.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. plans to continue its world building with this franchise with a sequel to the first spin off to the The Conjuring franchise with Annabelle, the creepiest possessed doll ever (Chucky move over), that made her debut in the original Conjuring.

And even though we all know they botched the first spin-off to Annabelle, the buzz around the development of Annabelle’s sequel is positive. Now, I haven’t seen Annabelle, but I’m willing to give the franchise a chance since Lights Out‘s director, David F. Sandbergwill be taking the helm for the sequel.