To be honest, I’ve never really hopped on the Madonna bandwagon. Something about her doesn’t work for me, but she has managed to grab my attention from time to time with genuine good singles and killer music videos.

Here’s a few that come to mind!


… and finally…

Considering I was barely on the “Material Girl” bandwagon to begin with, I was definitely off by the time she was kissing chicks at the VMAs. Talk about queerbaiting before queerbaiting was even a thing, huh?

Well… I digress because I am officially on the bandwagon for a biopic!

Blonde Ambition, was penned by newcomer Elyse Hollande, who has recently made waves on the Black List which is a clear indicator the screenplay will definitely be worth its salt. There aren’t too many details regarding the screenplay, but it has been reported that it will focus on the Madonna’s rise to stardom in the 80’s and her work in the 90’s.

To me, this is a no brainer. Focus on one highly publicized relationship, on two-three of her relationships that aren’t as well known i.e. Peter Shue and Sandra Bernhard, and how she bested mainstream once her music videos were banned. Make her personal life scenes gritty ‘n’ real, and juxtapose that with her glamorous music videos and red carpet appearances. Finally, cast an unknown actress to play the icon. Boom! Done.

Too bad Madonna herself has caught wind of the screenplay and is not happy with Universal who picked up the project, nor his she happy with Brett Ratner and Elyse Hollander who are attached to produce the biopic. Below is Madonna’s statement from her social media account:

“Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my story.” — Madonna

Madonna quickly followed up by posting this image in attempts to point out the film’s inaccuracy:

Too bad Madonna was the one that told that lie on TV during her interview with Dick Clark, which is clearly where the screenplay got it’s dialogue from… like… damn near word for word.

Did you see that? And the internet comes thru for the win!

I think the best thing Madonna can do at this point is keep her mouth shut, and if she’s hellbent on getting this production shut down she should make her moves silently.