Synopsis: 1978, Two gangs meet at a warehouse in order to resolver business but the meeting results in a shoot out.

Thoughts: Funny quips! Armie fucking Hammer, man. Bruh, see this shit.

Conclusion: 4/5 buckets of popcorn

Because Reasons: Free Fire was directed by Ben Wheatley. Starring Brie LarsonCillian MurphyArmie HammerSharlto Copley, and Jack Reynor.

In a industrial area of Boston, two groups of hooligans meet outside a warehouse with the intention of arms dealing. One set of hooligan are buyers, and one set of hooligan are sellers.

Stevo the junkie, played by Sam Riley, applies make-up to his black eye because he doesn’t want to look too conspicuous – never mind being lit on smack- and Ord, played Armie Hammer, leads the hooligans to the warehouse but not before patting them down for weapons.

As the sole female participating in the arms deal, Justine played by Brie Larson, thwarts continuous advances from her male counterparts as she tries to rear the transaction providing a voice of reason as the men bicker in between taking turns hitting on her. As the transactions comes to an end, Stevo the junkie attempts to evade performing his duties in the arms deals, as he spots a possible conflict with Harry, played by Jack Reynor. Without giving a way spoilers, Stevo the junkie’s brother-in-law Frank, played by Michael Smiley, demands he performs his duties. After all Stevo wouldn’t have this gig if it wasn’t for the fact the was married to Frank’s sister, but just as Stevo suspected, all hell breaks loose as result of Frank forcing Stevo’s hand. Everyone whips out their guns, endless bullets make their way towards anyone and everyone. And on top of that, there’s a third party in the warehouse that doesn’t care about the hooligans’ petty drama.

That’s it. For the remaining 70 minutes of the film there is nothing, but shooting, bickering and confusion on who the third party crashes are.

With a cast of about a dozen dudes plus one chickadee in a single space, some how the director manages to keep track of everyone giving them fairly equal screen time with funny quips to boot. However, that’s not to say that some characters don’t shine more than the others. Vernon, played by Sharlto Copley, elicits a laugh in every single shot. Copley’s overly flamboyant polyester loving character refuses to utilize common sense at ever given chance from his obsession with getting his money instead of saving his own life, the unnecessary concern that his suit is getting dirty, and chauvinistic jealousy when he suspects that Chris, played by Cillian Murphy, just might bed Justine before him. Two other dynamic characters are Stevo the junkie whose battling a personal vendetta from Harry, played by Jack Reynor.  Their situational comedy is neatly woven in due to the writer-director’s fine craftsmanship as the two verbally spar amidst their bullet flying dual. 

The final icing on this bullet riddled cake is Armie fucking Hammer! Guys… guys… this man has been putting in work! His work in The Birth of a NationThe Man from U.N.C.L.E., and J. Edgar has been sorely over looked by Hollywood. Hammer’s character, Ord,  looks like he should be too busy sleeping with undergrad girls in his philosophy class at Boston University leather elbow patched tweed blazer but, instead he’s balanceing Vernon and Stevo the junkie’s nonsensical and erractic behavior with  dry humor and particle tactics to best the situation simultaneously chain smoking finely rolled joints. Genius!

So, if you’re not interested in hearing childish men argue over the least important matters as they face life ‘n’ death, this isn’t for you. If you’re not interested figuring out who sent the third party crashers while bullets fly, this isn’t for you. If you don’t like Mexican stand offs, this isn’t for you. But! i think you should give this film a shot.

Bruh, see this this shit.

If you’ve already seen it, what say you?