POPCORN AND VELVET SEATS is a entertainment based blog covering hot topics, and the latest in Hollywood with a special spin.

FILM REVIEWS: You know the judgey conversation you always have with your friend(s) at the end of every movie, you do? Great, that’s happening on this site… like all the time.

NEWS: This blog won’t be breaking news anytime soon, got full time jobs after all, but latest featured on this site will done true popcorn fashion, a bias slant on Hollywood’s latest decisions.

[FANTASY] CASTING: Hollywood is always getting it wrong, and that could simply be because this blog is not a major player in the game… yet. In the meantime, this blog will provide its unsolicited two cents for remakes and current roles up for grabs.

POPCORN GALLERY: Is an ode to all randoms thoughts in the ol’ noggin pertaining to Hollywood.

SHORTY SATURDAY: There are so many brilliant and original filmmakers out there, and it would be a crime to not honor their work. Shorty Saturday will post a short film every Saturday to honor the unsung creators!