Here we are in Part 2 of this amazing fantasy casting, and without further delay….

Juliet played by Emma Watson


It feels right, it just feels right. Her delicate and classy beauty is going ignite the screen. We have no reason to believe, but we believe anyway, that her and Michael would have excellent on silver screen chemistry.

Tybalt and Robert Sheehanimage

We loved this guy in the UK’s Misfits, and know he would a dynamic performance to Juliet’s charismatic and hot head cousin who’s quick to draw his fierce sword.

The Nurse played by Mo’Niqueimage

We already know that she has comedic chops from her pervious work on  The Parkers, and with her recent award nominated dramatic work it’s a no brainer that she’d be able to pull off the quick tongue and raunchy confidant of Juliet.

The Apothecary played by Joaquin Phoeniximage

Let’s just seize the opportunity to see some more of this guy, huh? Are we right? Right.

 Next week will feature:  The Chorus, but we know you’re craving some more – don’t worry we gotchu!

What say you?